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    Dr. Michael Gottschalk

    Specialist lawyer for Law of Succession


    We are a law firm specialized in the law of succession. We advise and represent our clients in the field of German and international inheritance law.

    Dr. Michael Gottschalk
    Specialist lawyer for Law of Succession
    in Germany International Inheritance Law

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Specialists in inheritance law

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Your rights in case of inheritance

We enforce your inheritance claims and defend you if you are claimed as the heir. We represent your rights and assert your claims for a compulsory portion. We examine the testator's testamentary arrangements for you and the possibilities of contesting the will.

Design of wills

We will advise you on the planning of your estate and discuss with you which surviving dependants you wish to protect, consider or exclude from the succession. We draft wills, spouse's wills, inheritance contracts with you, deposit them for you and take care of the registration in the register of wills.

Estate Management

We advise and represent you as heir in all situations. We take care of the opening of a will, apply for a certificate of inheritance with you, accompany you to the authorities and represent your interests in a community of heirs. Together with you, we plan the entire settlement of the estate and the dissolution of the community of heirs up to the distribution of the estate's assets, such as real estate, accounts, valuables and also personal mementos.

Safeguard assets

We will discuss with you in detail how you can protect your assets, taking into account the special features of inheritance tax, the risk of social welfare recourse due to nursing home costs and the possibilities of transferring assets during your lifetime. Together with you, we draft individual powers of attorney and living wills in order to avoid having to order legal care.


High specialization - no additional costs

We only do what we can - inheritance law! Inheritance law is a difficult subject that requires specialization. Since we deal with inheritance law problems and issues on a daily basis, we have a wealth of experience. At the same time, the use of a specialist lawyer for inheritance law will not cost you any more money. The fees for inheritance law specialist lawyers do not increase according to the statutory fee schedule. We also make individual fee agreements on the basis of a fixed price or according to the amount of work involved on an hourly basis.



Immediate appointments - Flexible times

We are at your disposal for an initial consultation.
Give us a call or send us an email and our friendly staff will immediately arrange an appointment in our office or a telephone appointment for you.

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