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Simply arrange an initial consultation appointment. First of all, I will clarify with you what kind of advice or representation you need. I will take my time to clarify your request. I will give you an overview of the legal situation regarding inheritance law and point out any necessary measures.

It depends on the specialization: As a specialised inheritance law attorney and specialist lawyer for inheritance law, I am your contact for all questions concerning the law of inheritance.

You benefit from my many years of practical experience as a lawyer, so that I can develop an optimal strategy with you. My clients are private individuals and family offices. For them, personal and strictly confidential support by a specialized lawyer in inheritance law is important. Often, our law firm deals with significant assets.

If no will is made, the legal succession applies. Unfortunately, legal succession very often leads to conflicts within the emerging communities of heirs. The family situation can lead to persons being linked to each other in a community of heirs who do not have concurrent interests or even openly disagree. Communities of heirs are rarely happy relationships.

A wide range of experience is required for the tailor-made development of a will. Otherwise conflicts are predetermined. Above all, however, my clients wish that no dispute arises between their relatives. I have experienced numerous conflicts among co-heirs and between co-heirs and those entitled to a compulsory portion. This experience helps me to recognise problems and to find arrangements to avoid problems in your personal case.

Dr. Michael Gottschalk
Lawyer and specialist lawyer for inheritance law

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